Gear Fatigue Test Results

Anyone who has been following the painstaking process we have been going through over the last 18 months or so to turn out aerospace quality gears will realise how important it is for them to undergo successful testing.

13 Feb 2024

Back in December we sent our standard spur test gears up to Newcastle University to have their fatigue life tested.

Basically, when gears run together every tooth gets pushed and then released continuously as they come into contact and as the gear rolls. This is what determines the life and strength of the gears.

Although our gears are internationally recognised standard gear sizes, we needed confirmation that the exact parameters of our materials, our gears and our processes in design would meet the fatigue tests.

The good news is that not only do we meet the standard in terms of fatigue allowable on the gears, we’re about double the permissible stress that we were taking as our minimum allowable, a remarkable achievement!

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