HX50 Heliport - Hill Helicopters
HX50 Heliport - Hill Helicopters

Elevating Commercial Aviation

Introducing the HC50, our commercial version

Designed for a wide range of commercial applications, the HC50 delivers with impressive power, range and lifting capacity. Its spacious cabin, offering unrivalled views, makes it perfect for charter services and aerial tours, turning every journey into an extraordinary experience.

The HC50, available in two versions - skids and wheels, mirrors the refined interior and advanced cockpit of its private counterpart, the HX50, catering to various operational needs.

1760 lbs / 800 Kg


700 nm

Max range

140 kts

Cruise speed

500 shp

Horse power


Base Price

Certified for Commercial Use

The HC50 is offered with a traditional type certificate, with the initial certification being provided by the UK CAA and subsequent type validations and acceptances following around the world. While the HX50 serves private owners, the HC50 focuses on commercial users.

Pre-Order Now

The Hill HC50 is the perfect light helicopter for those wishing to use their aircraft commercially. As the fully certified version of the HX50, it redefines commercial aviation by combining high performance with elegance. Experience the HC50 for yourself.

Pre-orders now available to the public


Hill Helicopters uses a worldwide direct-to-customer approach with no resellers, distributors or agents.

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Exterior Concept

Interior Concept

GT50 Turbine Engine

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