Journey to HX50

You are invited backstage at Hill for all the latest design and technical updates on production of the HX50 including visits to factories and industry suppliers, meticulously documented and accompanied by a fascinating narration by Jason Hill.


Episode 16: Manufacturing components for the GT50 engine
Jason and Mark go on an expedition to look at a very sophisticated machine that will drill thousands of tiny precision holes in fabricated sheet metal components - you can follow along as the meeting, consultation and demonstration unfold.
Episode 15: New CMM installed at Hill Headquarters
Hill enter a new stage in production of the HX50 where their CMM testing facility is being set up to test components they are manufacturing as part of their vertical integration strategy. All this is demonstrated in detail by Jason Hill.
Episode 14: High performance engine demands high grade materials
Becoming an organisation that’s able to produce really highly technological parts is a massive journey in its own right, quite apart from designing and developing the revolutionary HX50 helicopter. Hill is approaching both with aplomb.
Episode 13: Hill expands its workspace
DC2 revolves around everything related to composites and is the future setting for the manufacture of the HX50 fuselage. Then there’s DC3 – an area devoted to the GT50 engine, while DC1 will concentrate on precision engineering. Prepare for a great guided tour!
Episode 12: The complex process of gear-making
Jason gives us a clear, comprehensive explanation of what turns a piece of high grade alloy steel into a gear that will withstand the colossal stresses it will be subjected to during its life in service in the GT50 engine.
Episode 11: Testing torque values for Helimove
An impressive demonstration of what the Helimove option will be able to do, accompanied by an explanation by mechanical design engineer Gareth on the importance of establishing what the actual torque values will be in practice.
Episode 10: Visit to Cranfield Impact Centre
Tim Gulland, Lead Composites Engineer sets the scene for tests for the seat attenuator with an impressive live demonstration. See how technology first developed for Formula 1 is being adapted to make the HX50 seats not just comfortable but extremely safe.
Episode 9: 1/3 scale model of HX50
The fusion experts at Composite Integration have been working hard to produce a one third scale model of the HX50. They explain what a huge challenge this was, and Jason Hill tells us why composites are so crucial to the project.
Episode 8: CNC machines installed and ready to go
An exciting new chapter in the HX50 development programme takes off as huge 5-axis and 3-axis CNC machines are installed and commissioned.
Episode 7: Materials testing up close
The progression that begins with developing the architecture for the structure of the aircraft, followed by a rigorous testing regime to determine the core material properties that any given part will deliver in practice.
Episode 6: Why build a 1/3 scale model HX50?
An important stage in the HX50 journey is revealed on a visit to the Datum factory where engineers are turning Hill’s design for the fuselage into a one third scale 3D model in preparation for testing.
Episode 5: Making gears for the HX50
Jason Hill gives us a fascinating look at how gears are being manufactured for the HX50 engine, while explaining the rationale behind choosing the method being used, and how it fits with the price point that has been achieved.
Episode 4: Composites and the challenges
Jason Hill visits a composites factory to collaborate with the experts on how to solve the trickier aspects of resin infusion composite manufacturing, needed for the one-piece fuselage that has been designed for the HX50.
Episode 3: In Conversation with Steve Brooks
Join helicopter pilot, engineer and intrepid explorer Steve Brooks in a lively discussion about his record-breaking travels along with reflections on the HX50 and its positive implications for the aviation industry.
Episode 2: In Conversation with Peter Wilson
Peter Wilson, known for his 3 major expeditions around the world by helicopter, joins Sam to talk about the aviation industry and the positive changes the HX50 is bringing to it.
Episode 1: Meet the protagonists
Filmmaker Sam meets up with Jason Hill for a site visit at a rubber moulding company where components are being custom made for the HX50.


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