New headquarters

Within the next 2 months we will be moving into a larger rented facility that will put all the activities now taking place in the three current development centres under one roof, Production Centre 1.  

12 Apr 2024

This means we can complete the development process and gradually develop out the production infrastructure we need, expanding that space in a cellular manner to increase the capacity to where we need it to be in line with the targeted production date, in a cost-effective way.

We had reached the point that the huge, new (15m by 14m) gantry mill needed for production would have taken up over 80% of the available floor space that was left at DC1. Having moved to a dual site approach, we will be able to carry out flight ops using permitted development rules at a separate location, allowing production to go ahead in our new headquarters.

One of the most important things in being able to rapidly execute a development project is getting the culture right within your organisation – Jason

What will go into what is now the enormous shell of a brand-new building is the huge new gantry mill, along with an air-conditioned machine shop for the precision production of gears, bearings, turbine components, servo actuators, etc. There will be a complete composites production line, plus paint shop, trim, wiring & build stations, electrical shop, avionics and electrical laboratory facilities.

In addition, we’ll have a customer showroom, a customer lounge, a canteen, and then a complete office suite on the mezzanine layer, with space for engineering and operations staff, and a production control office which gives complete visibility of production activities on the factory floor.

One of the big advantages of the new facility is its expansive yard area that provides storage facilities as well as a space to conduct outdoor testing. All this plus loading bays needed to facilitate the flow of materials in and out of the factory.

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