How does the HX50 compare with other popular light helicopters?

09 Oct 2020

The HX50 is a machine fundamentally designed for private pilots, many of whom have limited experience or fly relatively infrequently. That's why we've taken every opportunity to ensure that the helicopter fits that purpose, with features such as:

    • high-inertia, three-bladed rotor system
    • engine with large power reserves irrespective of load
    • simple digital cockpit clearly presenting all flight information
    • seamless integration with iPad and navigation apps

And because private pilots are unlikely to fly over 50 hours per year, the whole aircraft has a 5,000 hours life on condition. That means you have nothing to worry about in case you don't fly that often. The value of your aircraft is protected and it won't time out after a decade. It's purely down to the amount of hours you fly and how well you look after it.

This is part of a series of short videos, featuring our founder and Chief Engineer Jason Hill, answering some of the most frequently asked questions about the HX50.

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