Rotor Components: Blade Cuffs and Mounts

Lots of excitement on the factory floor as a huge and very important component emerges from machining.

28 Oct 2023

Completion of the rotor system for the HX50 is getting that much closer with the manufacture of the blade cuffs that hold the blades and feather them on the rotor head. This work is at an advanced stage now, as the internal profiles are completed on a batch of 8 components, and they are put onto the 8-axis CNC machine to apply the exterior detail.

Also under construction is the lower half of the mount which gets the torque into the strap packs and the blade cuffs, together with the part it connects with to set the centre of rotation for the flapping axis.

Have a look at how this is being achieved, and get an explanation of how it all fits together!

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