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We’ve just met some major milestones!

Progress in the HX50 project has surpassed all expectations and we are delighted to announce that over 350 units of this beautiful helicopter have already been sold. The excitement is building as we prepare to launch three prototypes for testing this year! Pre-orders are wide open, so don’t hesitate to book a presentation and get yourself on that list!
3 Prototypes
Flying In 2022
Units Sold
Open Worldwide

The HX50 is built to carry a pilot, four passengers and luggage up to 800kg to distances of up to 700 nm. Packaged into a perfectly sculpted and contoured exterior design, this new style of helicopter intends to revolutionise the capabilities of aerodynamic performance, so much so that this is the only heli of its kind that offers a custom-made GT50 turboshaft engine with a cruise speed of 140 knots and 500 shp, plus the choice of any bespoke colourway and interior finish.
1760 lbs / 800 Kg
700 nm
Max range
140 kts
Cruise speed
500 shp
Horse power
Base Price


You will be captivated by the unrivalled performance, delightful handling and unmatched flying experience, delivered by the ingenious design and engineering. The HX50 elegantly embodies the finest in power, technology, safety and refinement ever offered to the general aviation market. It isn’t so much a helicopter, but rather the first aerial Grand Tourer ever built.
Futuristic, elegant, sculptural exterior with revolutionary aerodynamic design

Bespoke Interior

Whilst in their luxurious wide leather seats that are ever-so-slightly raised to enhance the visual range, all guests will have access to storage spaces, USB ports and four-point harnesses. Headset holders and jacks are integrated into the seat headrests, and climate control and Bluetooth connectivity are also provided throughout the cabin.
Luxurious leather seats, elevated to enhance passenger comfort and visibility

Glass Cockpit Display

Once inside, passengers will find a clean and uncluttered cockpit inspired by automotive design allowing the pilot to enjoy simple operation and first-class levels of comfort. By rethinking the norm when it comes to flight controls, the engineering team have come up with an all-new single pilot interface that gives the main operator every element close to hand.
HDC digital cockpit where single pilot interface gives control over every system

Pre-Orders Open

The word is out about the uniquely thrilling flying experience promised by the totally original HX50 helicopter, and now that Hill is getting closer to its goal of flying three prototypes by next year, and orders have surpassed 200 units, isn’t it time you found out more?
You are invited to book a presentation to answer all your questions on the world’s first truly private helicopter.

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Are you interested in the HX50? Book your presentation and learn why the HX50 will be better than your current helicopter.
What's in the presentation
Mischa Gelb (aka Pilot Yellow) and Ruben Dias
Exclusive full details about the HX50 not yet available to the public
30 minutes presentation + Q&A via ZOOM
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